By nature we’re driven to explore, to seek out the unknown and be part of it. We want to see things that we have not seen, felt and experienced before. We are curious, and because of that we will forever seek out our next great frontier. For us at Forge Overland, our next great frontier is North America, and its right outside our back door. Join us as we seek out the unknowns of our world, our friendships and the vehicles we take there.

This is why we Forge Overland

We here at Forge Overland take a real world approach on real gear and travel. We are not funded and work with real world budgets. Through our personal expertise in abuse, we subject our hand selected gear to trials in destruction to make honest and unbiased reviews, and we have been doing this since our forming in 2008.

We wanted to create an environment where anyone that wanted a professional venue to share their story a place to so.


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