Factor lighting is making headway into a market that’s totally flooded with competition, but they’re taking a unique stance on their product. Build a durable, quality light at a reasonable price. They’ve accomplished these 10 fold.

The lights are milled from solid aluminum billets, anodized and fitted with their respective electronics and illumination bits at high tolerances. These are pint size powerhouses, which are durable, waterproof and super compact. I was sent two lights from Factor, and my favorite that I use all of the time is the Cossatot 600, which is a 600-lumen pocket sized searchlight. I’m pretty sure they borrowed allied anti-aircraft searchlight technology to cram into this thing because it pulls every bit of power out of its A123 sized battery and transforms it into a shard of the sun.

The Cossatot 600, like the smaller Mizpah 160; both are capable of brushing off one meter hard surface falls on critical edges without discernable wear, and are capable of being submerged in two meters of water for extended lengths of time and both carry the IP68 rating for dust and water resistance.

The Cossatot, which is edging on being a bit too big for your pocket, packs a 106-meter useful distance projection and is equipped with 4 operating modes. Low, Medium, High, and Stellar. Its unique use of rechargeable A123 size batteries allows it to be recharged fully in less than two hours by a mini-USB dongle that’s included, or can be supplemented with standard Lithium-ion A123 non-rechargeable batteries to extend its 50 hour run time even further.

The MizPah 160 is a perfect pocket sized light to slip right next to your pocketknife or in your jacket. It has a hardy 160 lumens and 45m of distance projection with an 80 hour run time. This runs off your standard AA sized NiCad battery, though if fitted with a Lithium battery the circuitry recognizes the available badassery and boosts the lumen output by 100%.

Enough with the facts, lets get onto what I did and didn’t like about the lights. 

Likes: For not being a super premium (*cough* surefire) light, they’re pretty high quality. The Cossatot 600 lists for around $75, and you’re getting a lot of punch for not a whole lot of money. The Mizpah 160 also comes in at a reasonable $35. Both lights are super light and anodized black, and their power sources are easily available. I have the Cossatot stored quietly in my center console, forever plugged into the USB so it’s constantly at 100% and ready for battle. And like I said above, it is capable of using conventional A123 type Lithium batteries in a pinch, and I keep those handy as well. The LED’s are brightly driven and put out a clear 5500K beam, and the circuitry always illuminates the diode to 100% brightness and you can dial it down to lesser values from there. The Cossatot is a true EDC light that easily fits anywhere you need it to and can easily displace a Maglite for performance without breaking a sweat. It’s a true, do it all light that can find its place in the console of your vehicle, in your pocket, next to a handgun, fixing a vehicle or in the tank bag of your favorite adventure motorcycle.

The Mizpah carries all the same praise that the Cossatot does, and it’s even smaller. Its slender Penlight style body lends itself to easily being stowed in the front pocket of your pants next to a pocketknife or multitool.

Dislikes: Its far and few between on this one. The only real complaint I have out of these lights is the pocket clips are very narrow and extremely stiff. This doesn’t lend them to being easy to clip onto something when they’re brand new and need a little bit of adjustment. A lower profile clip that was wider would allow for better weight distribution on what its clipped to so its not rolling around all the time and easier to manage. This applies for both the Cossatot and Mizpah’s that I tested. And finally, my last complaint is some of the unnecessary milling on the back of the light where the clicker to turn it on is. It looks cool and is tactical, but I wish the raised section that protects the button was uniform the entire length rim of the light for a smooth surface. I carry my pocketknife and my keys in the same pocket, so naturally I filled said overfilled pocket with the Mizpah 160. I never noticed it was there, except 1 out of 5 times id reach in for my keys and accidentally force the top of my hand into the hard corner of the back of the light and winced lightly in pain. If I was a smart man I would have simply moved the light to one of my other pockets and called it a day – but that’s too easy.

Factor has exceeded my spoiled expectations and delivered a product that is affordable and effective. They’re here to be a viable alternative to super premium lights and develop a reputation to suit. These are great EDC lights and I’ve come to embrace them and cast aside my Maglite and Pelican LED lights for these pint size powerhouses. Do yourself a favor and go to Factorequipment.com and check out their available lights, and if you’re feeling good about yourself and want to treat yo self, use our discount code FORGEOVERLAND25 at checkout for 25% off your order, site wide. Its our little gift to you because we like these things so much, and want to share them with the rest of you.

We don’t put our name on something we don’t believe in. We get request all the time to post sponsored content for money, and to date we’ve declined 100% of these offers. Factor put their money were their mouth was and sent us these lights for us to test and we truly believe these are some of the best available, and if you’re not satisfied with them like we were, they’ll happily take them back and issue a full refund or warranty their product. We stand by these guys, and they’ll stand by their product and support it to the end.


Check them out, www.factorequipment.com and don't forget our 25% off discount code, FORGEOVERLAND25 at checkout.