This is a three part article, because there is simply too much going on here to put into one coherent article, but I’ll start with what makes this string of articles possible, the owner of Moab Offroad – Max Dollinger

Saying that Max is a little different than your average bear is putting it lightly. The first time I met Max I wasn’t really sure what to think of him – I was 16 and new to the full size off road scene. I had heard of him, he’s kind of a home town hero; one of them that got out and made something great; and of themselves. So there I was walking into the local mecca of the off road world, and Max is standing behind the counter with a beanie on and dreadlocks handing out every edge down to his shoulder blades. I’m not sure how to size him up. He asks me his standard catch phrase:

“What’s shakin’ bacon?” 

I can deal with this guy.

It’s been nearly 10 years since then, and Max has grown to be one of my closest friends, and his shop isn’t just a place to visit or buy parts from; it’s a little slice of home too. So I write this article not because he’s my friend, but because it’s all true. 

Max is by far one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet in your life.

Max started Moab because it’s his passion. He turned his hobby into his business, and practically his business into his hobby. He’s grown Moab from just a name, to a local juggernaut. He’s expanded out of two shops, and he’s still nearly bursting at the seams. It’s because its not just a business for him, its his life – and he devotes his life to it. Its not a 9-5 job for him. Not only does Max take care of Moab on the business end, he’s an artist in his own rite. Whether its pin-striping a supercharger because “why the hell not?” or using some Cardboard Aided Design, every project max sets into is the next bar to be measured from. Everything is personal, down to the smallest detail.

Max also Trail Heads all of the trips he sponsors. Whether its Easter Jeep Safari or a trip to the Coal Fields – He takes his cue as the leader of the group. He might sport 40” rubber on his hand built from scratch rig, but the bad hair day will turn a first time wheeler with no experience into a rock god over night. Its like I said before, by far one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet in your life. There isn’t many people out there that will bend over backwards for you to make sure your experience is one of the best you’ve had. Or take you for the time of your life. I mean seriously, who isn’t going to have fun when this is going on?

For me, every time I pull into the shop to bullshit with Max and the guys, there is never a dull moment and its always interesting. Something cool is always going on. A bad ass Cherokee Chief in one bay, a 80 Series Land Cruiser in another, and there right in the middle of it all is the new pride and joy of the shop. A hand built totally custom aluminum CJ8/TJ frankenhybrid, which will be saved for trailing article of this arc.

Max is the man, and his team behind him are second to none.