What's really a watch anyway? I think people look at them in three categories: Fancy, Utility, Fancy Utility. Of course everyone has heard of the brands like Rolex and Omega, and yes - they make really good stuff. Im sure without a doubt that there is a $5000 dollar watch available on the market that will kick ass, take names and remember that you left the toilet seat up - but how much do you really need?

A little over a year ago I was sent to U.S. Air Force basic military training for a nine week tour of getting my ass kicked. As you would expect with a one hundred percent logistics oriented branch of the military, where time is equally important as well as tied to lives - minutes matter. So how much do you really need to be 15 minutes ahead of the game? Always know what is going on?

I am not a pilot, I am not a deep sea diver and I am definitely not a sniper. Do I own a watch that has desirable characteristics of those professions? Sure do - I have two Luminox's at home sitting on my Desk ticking away. I don't wear them nearly as much as I should, considering their price tag - but my love is with another; a $50 dollar Timex.

I took my trusty Timex with me, because it is exactly what I needed, and nothing more. When I picked it out I made four simple demands.

1. Glow in the dark
2. Chronograph
3. Waterproof
4. Synthetic/Black

It meets all of these demands, and more. The $50 dollar Timex Expedition followed me through nine weeks of hell, four months of support equipment mechanic tech school, around the world and back again to live out its days strapped to my wrist for the daily grind. I cannot begin to write out a list of times I counted on this watch to do its job, and it has never let me down. It has been flogged, trampled, doused, drenched, cut, welded and forgotten and it has never once, not for a second - been anything but reliable. It has no special frills, it has no stunning beauty, it is just there to be used exactly as it was designed, and because of that this watch has not left my wrist in over a year.

I'm out of time, I need a Time Transplant