A few months ago I posted a link to a preliminary article on the web about a company that decided they wanted to make "the best damn hoodie you ever wore". It wasn't a day later after I discovered American Giant that I placed an order for one of their new zip-up Hoodies. Five months later due to overwhelming demand, It arrived and I got to make some first impressions.

American Giant sought out to make the hoodie that won't die. Constructed of the finest american materials, in unprecedented thickness. Brass YKK zippers made in USA. Cotten hewn in USA. Made by hand by Americans in USA. Every single thing about their product, even down to their name; bleeds American - and they're proud of it.

American Giant stayed to to their word and produced a hoodie that is more American than most Americans. It is built like a brick shit house with gussets, double walls, double stitching and a zipper that you cannot break. It is warm and as soft as the bed you call home at night. 100% pre-shrunk cotton dense weave construction allows for breathability when its warm and insulation when its cold. An athletic cut keeps the material close to the body for active play and comfort. It is so well made, it really is the best damn hoodie you will ever wear. For me, As the months go on it may just be one of the last hoodies I ever buy. Nice job American Giant, you knocked this one out of the park. ‘Merica

Find the pull-over sweatshirt and other awesome Made in USA products by American Giant here at their website: 

American Giant