Recently I acquired a tool that tames the struggle between phone use and battery life. The Mophie juice pack air phone case packs in an extra battery at no expense to weight, size or even looks.

Sure you can run out purchase a half pound roll of plastic wrapped batteries that will charge up your phone while burning a hole in your pocket but why have to pack an extra object with substantial weight and size, especially if your back packing and every ounce/cubic inch counts. Mophies Juice pack air has a ticket for every finger tipped battery drainer out there. Whether you’re a hard core pocket gamer all day or need to keep battery life while spending a few days out on the trail. 

With a choice of 1500Mah, 1700Mah and 2100Mah (thats Miliamp Hours, for all you non-tech people out there), with a flick of a switch you can have an extra 80%-100%-120% of battery life instantly. For a mobile tech dependent society I say bring it; and can I have some more, please?

I have had the 1700Mah Juice pack air for 3 weeks now. The more I use it, the more justified it becomes. My first impressions were, sleek, stylish and unreasonably convenient. At 2.68oz it doesn’t feel like an extra block of battery at all. Only two pieces of pleasingly designed case wraps itself around your phone and doesn’t even need to be taken off. 


The Mophie case will simultaneously charge itself and your phone when plugged into a power source via its micro USB port. On the back side of the case, there is a button which when pressed, illuminates up to four LEDs relaying the amount of charge. With built in over charge protection, there is no need to monitor the length of your charge either. Next to the LEDs is a toggle switch, so you can choose when you want to power up for an extra session of forum bashing. Surprisingly, the case doesn’t get scorching hot when charging. A bit warm as to be expected, but I have yet to come home with any burns on my leg.

Your phones quickest charge time is between 20% and 80% battery. To obtain the most out of your extra juice, Mophie advises you only use it between these two numbers. Curious, I tested this and found that I can actually get almost two charges from 20%-80%. A lot more than expected. 

As slender and smooth as it is, I am becoming more comfortable with the durability and phone safety more every day. The rubberized coating gives an excellent grip and minimizes chances of scratching. Protruding just enough around the face of your phone as to keep the screen off a flat surface. Although, I still recommend a screen protector. In no way does the design prohibit the use of any the phones features…except the AUX port. A solid half inch is added to the bottom of your phone, making the AUX port fairly buried, but wait! Mophie, being the excellent engineers they are, have generously supplied an extended AUX adapter for all your music loving needs. Thanks Mophie, crises adverted. They also justify this extra half inch by using the extra space to redirect your speakers to the face of the phone. Essentially turning it into a tiny speaker box and claim it gives a richer, more full sound quality. Indeed, it is louder.

By now, you are probably saying, what could be wrong with such an innovative, convenient and high quality product? And actually, not much. Aside from having to carry around an AUX extension, my only complaint is getting the damn case off the phone. Not that there is ever a reason to take it off, but my first attempt to remove the case made me re-trace my installation of the phone to make sure I didn’t super glue it in there. I guess this could be a good thing as well. You definitely don’t want your phone falling out however. 

Over all, this case is a great addition to anyone’s daily life or adventure time. A 9-5er, outdoor enthusiast or for the expeditioning explorer. Mophie has in my eyes, hit the nail on the head. They have even recently came out with a new case that offers the same great battery options and either a 16 gig or 32 gig storage solution. With these kind of options and quality, I recommend them to anyone in the market.