I carry an assortment of things in my person on any given day. I have an interesting set of requirements that constantly changes as I am part of the US Armed Forces, a father, registered Badass and I work for the Rail Road. With this part though, I’ll feature two items I use frequently; The Classic Luminox dive watch, and the Pocket Tool X Brewzer.

Now I’ve had both of these for a while, and as such the current versions of them are no longer in production. The watch was given to me as a gift by my father after I returned from Basic Training and Tech School. The Brewzer I picked up in my travels to add to my collection of useful things. Since then, Luminox has constantly upgraded and improved their classic Dive Watch, and as well Pocket Tool X was purchased by Leatherman, who now carries the line.

I carried a Timex Expedition digital watch all the way through Basic and Tech School, and it did well and completed all the things I needed – but in a high stress environment a Digital watch was quite the convenience when you needed to know exactly what time it was and didn’t have the available time to condition yourself to read analog. I prefer analog watches over the digitals for many reasons. They’re classier, more valuable if you need to sell it, they use less energy (battery) and my greatest reason of all for the Luminox, it is self lit. Sure the classic digital watch has Indiglow, but this sucker is nuclear. My Luminox features 15 individual gas tubes filled with the element Tritium. Through the process of radioactive decay, the tubes glow, and glow brightly. 

Despite the fact that it is not a self winding watch, which would increase its value monetarily and for the common situation of “My ass just got lost in the middle of the Pacific after my plane crash landed in the ocean and my only friend is a Volley Ball because I have gone crazy.” So yeah, the battery will eventually die: if I put a new battery in it right now it will run for another 5-6 years with no issues, and the Tritium is good for 15-20 years before the tubes need to be replaced.

Lets be honest here, I’m not going to drink my piss like Bear Grylls, and I am definitely no Les Stroud. If Im in a survival situation – the length of my survival is entirely tied to me keeping a fire going and how many rounds of ammunition I have with me. Something tells me that that ammo isn’t going to last 5-6 years.

but thats not the point. The Luminox is a fantastic, completely reliable, solid and precise instrument for a reasonable cost. Mine was about $320 new from our local mom and pop outdoors store (Quest Outdoors of Louisville) You can’t really beat that, North Korea can’t even get that much nuclear material.

Onto the Brewzer: its a bad ass little tool. Its made from high grade (I assume ATS34) stainless steel with a high Rockwell heat treat value. It comes in at an excellent value of something like $10 bucks. It has a bottle opener tab, and a front pry that triples as a flat head screw driver and has a small indention that leaves just enough of a point to assist in opening boxes if you don’t have a pocket knife handy. For the price, you can’t beat it, I use it nearly every day for pry work when I don’t want to abuse the surgical qualities of a fine knife blade. And working for the government AND the railroad requires a healthy dose of bottled beer.

Pictured: some dudes hands